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Payroll and Time Sheet Course

Payroll includes the calculation on daily, weekly, b-weekly or monthly salary, commisson, overtime, non pay leave, etc.,, it helps your manage your employees expenses. Time sheet entries are recorded under each daily column of the selected week when an employee or vendor performs the selected activity. Each row represents a single activity, billing type, rate, and amount. A tailor-made advanced course for the Payroll and Time sheet will be conducted in a regular schedule for each month.

Sage 50 Peachtree Tip and Techniques on Employee to Be Paid Based on Time-Ticket Hours

Set Up an Employee to Be Paid Based on Time-Ticket Hours
If you have an hourly employee that works on Time & Billing projects, you can pay the employee based on recorded time-ticket hours. Once an employee records hours worked on a daily time ticket or weekly time sheet, those hours can be totaled and included in the employee's paycheck.
Note: Salary employees cannot be paid based on time-ticket hours. However, you can still enter and maintain time tickets for salaried employees for billing purposes.

Advanced Course

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