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Sage 50 Peachtree features comparison

Sage 50 Peachtree Features
Sage 50 Peachtree
Pro v2022
Sage 50 Peachtree
v2022 &
Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum v2022
One-time payment and no annual fee
One-time payment, no monthly or no annual fee
One-time payment, no monthly or no annual fee
One-time payment, no monthly or no annual fee
FREE Company creation
Unlimited company
Unlimited company
Unlimited company
Company Data Security
100% confidential
100% confidential
100% confidential
No. of named users
1 user
1-5 users
1-40 users
Unlimited Companies
New features 2022
Windows® Compatibility
Windows® 8 & 10
Integration Microsoft Excel®, Outlook®, and Word®
Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word
2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019 (New)
Actian Database
v13 SP2
v13 SP2
v13 SP2
Actian Database (New Platform Support)
New Platform Support for Windows IoT Core x86 and ARM32 & Raspbian ARM32, improve stability and compatibility
Expanded Billing & Ship to Address Line 1 and Line 2 (Customers), Mailing Address (Vendors)
Increase to 55 Characters per line
Deposit Ticket ID (Receipts) & Item Type (Inventory)
Increase to 20 characters
The Notes field was added for vendors
Accommodate 255 Characters per line (NEW)
Item and Job fields when viewing transactions
Memorized Purchase Invoices/Vendor Bills
Including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
General Journal (Debit/Crebit)
Accounts Receivable(Customer)

:: (a) Invoice

:: (b) Receive Money
:: (c) Quotation
:: (d) Sales Order
:: (e) Sales Return
Accounts Payable(Vendor /Supplier)
:: (a) Purchase Order
:: (b) Payment
:: (c) Purchase/Receive inventory

:: (d) Purchase Return

Check Writing, bill payment, purchases
Cash flow management
(Understand what is owed to you, and how much your company owes. Analyze and perform “what if” scenarios)
Convenient bank reconciliation
Customizable reports
Email alerts, forms, reports, and financial statements
Integration with Microsoft Excel and Word
Internal Accounting Review
Inventory: Assemblies, Four costing methods
(FIFO, Average, LIFO and custom costing) , Back orders
Set up component storage products and manage customers' outstanding orders
User security and controls
Payroll Solutions (additional charge for advanced featuers)
Inventory management (Track all information related to inventory,
such as description, number, cost, price. Multiple pricing levels available, allowing a company to offer items at a discount)
Reporting (One-click reports on sales, taxes, upcoming
expenditures, profits)
Job, phase & cost level – Track project income, expenses and profit
Track the costs and revenue for a job during different stages of the project to better manage profitability
Audit trail report  
Advanced budgeting  
Make budgets by department or cost  
Archive company data  
Company consolidation wizard  
Departmental accounting (Track financials separately for different departments within a company.
Provides insight into the profitability of different locations, departments, etc.)
Serialized inventory  
Change order processing (Keep track of any changes mage to the estimate for a job,
and use it to accurately track revenue on a job)
Personalized My Dashboard  
Role-based security    
Inventory management-provides multiple pricing levels, allowing companies to provide products at discounted prices    
Order process workflow (Track sales and purchases process and assign steps to the next user)    
Developed to handle large data requirements    
Faster processing with SmartPosting technology    
Interactive job reporting    
Industry-specific functionality: construction, manufacturing, distribution, and nonprofit    
Construction features
Manufacturing features    
Distribution features    
Nonprofit features    
Sage 50 Peachtree
Pro v2022
Sage 50 Peachtree
Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum v2022

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