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Sage50 HK Peachtree Master Certified Consultant
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Sage50 HK group Consultants In Hong Kong
Peachtree Hong Kong

CPA Accounting Software Consultants - is awarded by
Sage50 HK US
of the following Certified Professional Qualifications -

To celerate the awards by Sage50 HK, a special offer to all clients with first-in-first-serve


Sage Accountants Network
Master Certified Consultant (Sole) In Hong Kong

(The FIRST recognised by Sage US in Hong Kong 2012)

Sage Premier Advisor Sage Accountants Network
Premier advisor
(Sole) In Hong Kong

(The FIRST recognised by Sage US in Hong Kong 2012)

Sage50 HK (Diamond) Solution Provider in Hong Kong
(The FIRST recognised by Sage US in Hong Kong since 2010)

(Diamond) is the highest level in Sage50 HK

Sage50 HK (Diamond) Authorised Partner   in Hong Kong

(Diamond) is the highest level in Sage50 HK
Master Certified Consultant HK
Sage50 HK Master Certified Consultant In Hong Kong
(The FIRST recognised by Sage US in Hong Kong 2012)
Sage50 Certified Consultant 2017

** New Sage50 HK 2017 package ***

New **360 days (one year) with 24 hours support service
by Hong Kong Sage Master Certified Consultants

2017 Promotion
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Products and Price List 2017

Enquiry: 2191 6236

Funnctions include General Ledger
Accounts Receivable (Quote, Sale Order, Invoice, Proposals)
Accounts Payable (Purchase Order)

(with FIFO, LIFO & average's costing method)
Can add attachements to Invoice and Purchase (including Word files, Excel files, PDFs, images or photographs, and so on)
Receipts & Payment
Job Costing
Balance sheet and P&L
Reports can export to MS Excel or Word
.... more.......

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Sage50 HK has obtained No. 1 of the top ten accounting software again in the year

Sage50 HK: Peachtree Promotional Package includes:

6 bours (2 sessions) on-site training course with "Sage Master Certified consultants" (Certified by Sage50 HK USA) for real time training

360 days (12 months) telephone, email and fax support by Sage50 HK Peachtree Master Certified consultants
Sage50 HK (Peachtree) official self-learning CD guided tour
Installation service up to 5 stations
Data migration from previous Peachtree versions
Sage50 HK Peachtree registration

CPA Accounting Software Master Certified Consultants is the authorised dealer and the solutions provider of Sage50 HK Peachtree Accounting software series in Hong Kong, Asia and international.

Our Products come from the Sage50 HK Peachtree USA

Sage50 HK Peachtree® Accounting in Hong Kong

Sage50 HK Peachtree® Accounting is one of the Best-selling accounting software in the World.

Do you believe Sage50 HK Peachtree accounting is essential to making better decisions? Those business owners who do choose a Peachtree® solution to help them streamline operations and get the insight behind their numbers.

By combining comprehensive business management tools with professional accounting basics in flexible, user-friendly products, a Peachtree solution will help you better understand your business so you can make better decisions.

The multiple award winning Sage50 HK Peachtree® Accounting series software will aid you to streamline your business towards greater profitability. It's functional flexibility makes it superior for all service and product based businesses from one end of the small business spectrum to the other. Thanks to it's hands on learning, it's operational aids for both novices and power users, and it's higher end accounting tools for larger businesses, Sage50 HK Peachtree® Accounting is, very simply, your best choice available in accounting software.

No. 1 Accounting Software in Hong Kong


Industry Solutions

Non Profits


: Bar Code System
: Voucher System
: MPF System


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